Reasons abound to hunker in and "make"

The Holidays Are Coming – Make!

I love this time of year! Reasons abound to hunker in and “make”. To me the making is such joy – making a pie, knitting a sweater, decorating the house, even cleaning the house. It just feels right to nestle in and make and environment to truly enjoy our homes and families.

Do hope you have a wonderful time creating and making during the holidays!

Speaking of making – currently I am having a blast digging into my stash a bit and stitching up some limited editing goodies that I purchased from With Thy Needle and Thread just last year… Both project sets create small cross stitch pieces that fit (or nestle) inside a festive votive candle holder. Brilliant! One is perfect for Thanksgiving – a small pilgrim who nests inside a turkey! Gobble Gobble! The second is Santa and his reindeer fitted into some sparkly red reindeer! Finished pics to arrive – but until then here are some of my works in progress!