Happy – Healthy – Here

Happy – Healthy – Here

Since we suspended visitors to the shop a month ago, you have blessed us with orders via email, phone, text, and online, and we cannot thank you enough!   You have kept our minds occupied and created a busy atmosphere despite the quiet in the shop.

As I type, we are still in an environment of “retail-to-go” and looking forward to the time when you can visit again.  Until then, we are here and happy to help keep your hands and minds busy creating beautiful things.

So let me give you some inspiration for wonderful things to create…many of which are wonderful partnerships with others within our needlework community there are supporting local shops.



Casapinka graciously shared download codes for her new shawl, Breathe & Hope, that we provide free with the purchase of one of our kits.   Mom and I have had a blast this week putting together combinations, and we do have many great combos left.   Just take a look at our online shop.

IMPORTANT NOTE:   The download codes are only good through midnight tonight, and codes are delivered via email.


Sarah Harris 1786 2020 stay at home special edition

StitchyBox is also being gracious with local shops.   Through April 30th, if you purchase any sampler chart, she will share part of the proceeds with us.  All you have to do is include in the comments for your order:   The Tinsmith’s Wife, Comfort, Texas.

AND you will want to download, Sarah Harris 1786!   This pattern will only be available through April 30th.   And yes – I have some great ideas for linen on this one, and we can sure augment your DMC supply.


Square in a Square Blanket

Knitting Fever, Inc. is creating special kits that are available and can be dropped shipped directly to you when you place your order through us.   The first two have been released and are lovely for knitters!  Kinda loving that blanket!

Square in a Square Blanket knitted in Noro Kagayaki, and in the kit you receive 6 balls on the main color and 2 of the contrast along with the last Noro Magazine.

Nishiki Semicircular Shawl knitted in two skeins of Nishiki, and the kit also comes with the last Noro Magazine.


Ada at EyeCandy Needleart

We have continued to receive in wonderful canvases, and I do work to share many via social media, and I will promise to continue to add to our online shop.   However, I would be remiss if I didn’t focus on two great exclusive canvases created for us by Ada at EyeCandy Needleart.

The first is the Comfort Cross.  She definitely captured the awesomeness that is our town and part of the world with the longhorn, grapes, and bluebonnets!


R. Fenton Needlepoint

The second is R. Fenton under a sprig of bluebonnets.   Doesn’t this capture his feisty and inquisitive attitude?!

Please know we will continue to help pull fibers for you remotely if you have a canvas – and will also have a personal showing via pictures and/or FaceTime if you need a new project!

AND there is going to be a boom in finished needlepoint when we come out of this – so if you have something to get to the finishers, I would suggest you share with us sooner rather than later so we can get it off to them as they are still stitching.


Fluff in 'Hope Springs Eternal' Yarn Carnival

We were delighted with the arrival of our Spring installment of our Yarn Carnival floral year.   Spring brought us Fluff in ‘Hope Springs Eternal’ – a silk/mohaire blend, which is soft and fluffy, in a lovely soft pink hue shot through with yellow and blue…   Each skein is 459 yards so you have plenty to make a project with or to combine with a fingering weight.

Upon the yarn’s arrival, I immediately started the Churchmouse Crochet Moebious on an L hook, and it was the perfect simple project to work on while watching bit of TV at night.


Silly photo tinsmith wife

I will put in a plug for “good” social media.   I post nearly every day on Instagram and Facebook with new goodies and ideas, and I try to create fun and inspiring pictures.   The one to the left is a silly one of Mom after we refreshed the window boxes on Tuesday and her illustrating how to drive a stick….   Creating a newsletter isn’t as quick as an Instagram post, so thus these are only a monthly-ish affair.

During this time of social distancing, some of the needlework/knitting groups (e.g., Needlepoint Nation, Punchneedle Guide both on Facebook) are creating wonderful camaraderie and inspiration.   It is also wonderful to see the love that is out there within our realms of needlework.  Personally I am still a huge fan of #bewellandstitch, which is an amazing array of complimentary cross stitch patterns (mostly posted on Instagram) that inspire and simply make you feel connected to wonderful people around the world.

I know many of you avoid social media – and I respect that, but do know that there is a world of inspiration that is out there if you dip your toe into the realm and focus on the “good”.


Tinsmith wife cats

R. Fenton, Andy, and Miranda miss you all a lot!   We did not realize the amount of love these guys need each day without all of you visiting the shop.    We are kinda the same way…

The Tinsmith’s Wife family hopes to have your smiles and laughter (at pats) enter our doors again soon…   Until then – give us a holler if you need anything – we are here, happy, and healthy.