About Us

at the shop

The Tinsmith’s Wife is simply a dream materialized – and the dream has been alive for nine years.  The shop has been designed and planned to be a gathering spot for those who love fine yarns, patterns, needlepoint canvases, cross stitch and other needlecraft and want to be inspired to create.  Whether you live in Comfort or farther afield, there is a spot with your name on it at the shop and a warm cup of tea next to you.

I am Wendy, and I have the joy of being the owner of The Tinsmith’s Wife.  Susan (a.k.a. Mom) is the Manager of the shop and the primary buyer of awesomeness. She has been able to use her great shopping skills to find wonderful fibers, projects, and goodies to augment our needlework.  The true heart of the shop is my Dad, Bill.   Dad is invaluable; he assists with finding and fixing errors in our needlework, finishing our projects, and generally being the nicest man in the world – and on top of all that his knitting, needlepoint, and general disposition is way better than mine.
Our shop family also includes a posse of hard-working shop cats  – two good looking red heads, R. Fenton and James, Andy and Miranda (a.k.a., the dynamic duo), and occasionally you will spy Luke who keeps guard over our back stock of inventory upstairs.  We believe these furry additions add an extra bit of warmth to the shop and certainy a lot of love.
In summary, we are delighted to welcome you to our family and hope you will find something to create with your hands, learn a new technique, and generally have a memorable experience.