tonight, the hands have been slowed of needlework

Fall Arrives. Be Thankful. Be Still.

Our worlds today are so fast paced.  We rush from work to home, rush to the grocery store, rush to get the dry cleaning before they close, rush, rush, rush.  Tonight I am stilling the rush – at least for a bit despite having a list of things to do.  Tonight I have had the pleasure to have a beautiful cat just sit on my lap and purr.  There isn’t much better, right?

I am sorry that it took a dramatic happening for me to stop… Laurel, our beloved shop kitty, has been diagnosed with sudden blindness.   We aren’t sure what the cause of her blindness is, but our vet noted it isn’t uncommon.  Tonight is her first night home – she is now a house kitty – and we have been working to create an adapted environment for her to thrive in.   And two hours in – she is doing great!  She has mapped the room, had a hefty bowl of food (which she has found four times), and found a snuggly spot to rest.

So tonight, the hands have been slowed of needlework and working to slow my mind…   More to come in my new blogging space…  Tonight I am just going to love my cat.