Chrismas is here and it's the perfect time to create

Christmas Time is Here

Oh, Christmastime is here! Don’t you absolutely love it?! I sure do – and it is a perfect time to create, create, create. Just wish I could grow time so that I had more time – but we all wish that.However, for today – I have a beef stew cooking in the crock pot at home, ready to have hot apple cider in the shop, and having a good feeling on my current projects and their progress!

As I haven’t done a blog in a bit – figured I would natter on about what I amorking on….   (Just learned that I have been missing posting the blogs I have written as I missed a little box.  Whoops!)


Over the last two weeks have been having a fun time putting a project of Mom’s together – the Mason Dixon Station Wagon Blanket.   The project is just lovely – just taking a bit to three-needle bind off the panels, which is done, and now to have the attached i-cord all around…   Here is the official Mason Dixon snap – I will post pictures soon of Mom’s.   She knitted it with Cestari Yarn Aran, which is just a lovely yarn.


In between, I have been stitching Threadwork Primitives Merry & Bright – such a fun stitch as it is in all one color of silk and fairly large linen…   This the wool trees just make it!


Hoping to then cast-on a sweater – feel the need to knit a garment (or two) in the next couple of months. Laura Nelkin’s Vindur – just a brilliantly constructed piece. Hoping to get this knitted before the new year… Can she do it?!