OneHope Wine Tasting for a Cause

onehope wine tasting breast cancer awareness

OneHope Wine Tasting for a Cause

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month….and we have so many that have been impacted and survived breast cancer within our fiber community.  When the opportunity presented itself to raise monies for a charity of our choice to help our community – I jumped at it!     Thank you, Grace, for being our host.

Who is ONEHOPE Wines?

This company has focused on selling great Napa wines for a cause.   Thus our wine tasting event at our shop tomorrow (Saturday, 10/26)!    If sales of wine hits $500, our chosen charity of Knitted Knockers Support Foundation will receive a 10% donation.  (See more about Knitted Knockers below.)   If we don’t hit that mark, the donation amount will go to ONEHOPE’s Breast Cancer charity which is Gateway to Cancer Research, which is still awesome!

Here is the link that is just for our event:

Tomorrow we will have a tasting of these wines, but you have the ability to purchase them now through November 16, 2019.   Rules prohibit us from selling the wine directly – but hey, it is great to have the bottles shipped!    AND if you cannot join us in person – and you drink wine – we encourage you to purchase a bottle or two or six.   The holidays are coming up and we always need an extra bottle of wine for the company popping in!

To help us along, ONEHOPE has introduced a Preferred Customer Program.  It can be whatever amount of wine and whatever frequency you would like. It is a $19.99 fee annually. If you joins in October, this annual fee is waived.  Benefits include no shipping fee, and when you order 6 bottles there is a 10% OFF savings, 20% off for 12 bottles. All the while you can be enjoying this and giving back to a great cause.



Who is Knitted Knockers? 

What a wonderful organization!   They have created fantastic patterns, connect knitters and crocheters with those who need the prosthetics, etc.   We would love to provide them a bit more in their coffers to continue their great work – monies go to pay for postage, their website, etc.

AND If drinking wine is not your thing, there is still action for you!   Please consider knitting or crocheting a knocker or two!   The pattern can be found here – and we will gladly get the knocker forwarded to the right people to get it donated to someone in need.   Should you need any assistance knitting or crocheting your knocker – we can help there too; just come by the shop on a Thursday afternoon.

Thanks to all – and hope to see some of you tomorrow between 4 and 6 pm.   AND don’t forget to get your annual screening!