Summer Gatherings

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Summer Gatherings

Some may think that knitting, crochet, and other needlework becomes dormant in the Summer – well not here. With the heat outside soaring, what better way to create and be cool and cool.
This Summer, we have several reasons to gather at The Tinsmith’s Wife. Either if it’s to learn, to share, or to just have a great time join us!

1.   The Longest Day – Friday, June 21st 7 am to 7 pm

We are coming together as the “strength of our light will outshine the darkness of Alzheimer’s”.    On Friday, 6/21 we will be raising awareness by wearing purple, stitching, and hosting a silent auction.   The silent auction is going to be amazing again this year! With a number of handcrafted items – shawls, socks, jewelry, as well as a variety of other great items to include needlepoint canvases and yarn.

All the proceeds from the Silent Auction will be directed to the Alzheimer’s Association for awareness for care, support, and research for this terrible disease.

The longest day

If you are not able to join us in person, you can still participate. You can join our team and/or watch our Facebook page for a Facebook Live at 1 pm CT and feel free to bid on the silent auction items remotely.

If you are able to join us – hurray!   Wear purple.  Bring a project.   If you would like, bring your favorite summer food to share, and bam – we have a celebration.

2.   Four Super Summer Knitalongs

The best time for a knitalong is right now – or at least in July!   The designers have come out in force with amazing things to challenge us, inspire us, and keep our needles moving!   This year, we are hosting several and will be here to provide support as you tackle the one that gets your heart thumping!

Here are a few details on those that have gotten our hearts thumping:

  • Infamous Olive Knits 4-Day Sweater Knitalong:   Do you love to knit sweaters and/or haven’t tackled one yet?   If so, this may be the KAL for you.   Knit in worsted weight, superwash yarn this awesome cardigan is a great top-down, raglan, no seaming required project – and it is cute to boot!

4 day KAL Knit like the wind

yellow knitted sweater

  • We will have a gathering spot from July 4th through July 7th (and after as well) for this four-day adventure! So join us, catch the July 4th Comfort Parade at 10 am, and knit like the wind!
  • Boo Knits’ Venus Rising Knitalong:   This is your KAL if you love beaded and lacy, top-down, crescent-shaped shawls!   This one is designed to be knit in almost any solid colored, or semi-solid, laceweight yarn….and oh, the choices!    There will be six clues released throughout July and starting on July 1st.


First Shop Gathering

We will have our first shop gathering on July 11th and the following two Thursdays. Hopefully, at the end, we will have a magnificent beaded, lace shawl!

Venus Rising A boo knits mkal

Casapinka’s Perfect Blend MKAL is definitely the one for you if you love color and lots of it.   The first clue of this blend of tea and knitting will be released on July 8th. Then, of course, we will be sure to have a tea party and knitting support as well – and will have on the morning of July 10th.

Perfect blend KAL

We are excited to have Dream in Color’s Smooshy with Cashmere kits in three colorways that will play perfectly with Casapinka’s pattern… You can find more details on our online shop.

Dream in Colors yarn

Ilga Leja’s Forest Pathways MKAL also provides temptation for those who would love a relaxing, yet intriguing, summer knit-along to work a shawl of generous proportions…

Forest Pathways knitalong

  • How can one resist a relaxing shawl knit in Handmaiden Casbah with a pattern by Ilga?!  Yep – we don’t know either.  The first clue will be released on July 2nd.   We have a great selection of Casbah and will be happy to help you coordinate a great combination for this knitalong. I know you won’t be disappointed…

Whew – we want to do all of them!  As the dates are all on top of each other for the various KALs, know that when you come in it will be the perfect time.

For the non-knitters among you – apologies for my lopsided approach in this newsletter.  Will work to turn the tables on the next one. Until then – keep cool.

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