March 2021 – In Stitches

March 2021 – In Stitches

Well, my first resolution for the new year has been a bit delayed.  I had planned to send out a more regular newsletter and then February became a bit lost – well at least February seems to have been frozen in snow and ice.  I am hoping others are having this same feeling.   Now that we are thawed out – we can look forward to the Spring that is ahead and all the beauty that is to come.

This month, I am going to be sending out two newsletters – one focused on needlepoint and cross-stitch (and punch needle) and the other focused on knitting and crochet.  This edition will be our first focused on STITCHING – needlepoint and cross-stitch.

With February’s storm, we took advantage of the time and shifted the shop about a bit (well a lot) to gather all of the needlework fibers into one primary area.   It has changed the look of the shop, but change is good!

Last weekend, Mom and I had the chance to participate in the Needlework Expo – our online cross stitch market, and what fun.  We ordered all kinds of goodies that should begin to arrive over the next few weeks… As such cross stitch does come before needlepoint this time.  🙂

Below are a few of the highlights from Expo. If you are on Instagram, you can visit and see many of the designs from the designers as well.

As goodies from Expo begin to arrive, we will do our best to get them up in our online shop.


This effort was started by many of the newer cross stitch designers and what fun!   From more primitive to just darn happy and silly.   Hoping you will enjoy it.  We will also have the Sulky thread pack that most designers used to stitch their cows….

Here are just a few of my favorites!   And do expect to see more bovines from me over the next few months!

Carriage House’s ‘The Painted Cow’:

Lindy Stitches silly and happy cow (which is a free pattern):

Tiny Modernist’s ‘Strawberry Cow’:



There is really so much great stuff that is coming!   Needlework Expo was fun despite not being in person… We have new designs coming from some of our favorite designers/dyers  (e.g., Heartstring Sampler, Summer House, Hands-on Design, Kathy Barrick, Fox & Rabbit), but we also have orders coming from newbies to us as well (e.g., Mojo Stitches, Mountain Aire Fabrics)…

Fox & Rabbit – Not only do they have multiple new colors of linen, but they also have several wonderful new samplers!

Beth Twist at Heartstring Samplery has several new designs that are wonderful!

Stacy Nash also knocked it out of the park with many new designs, but I think this was my favorite!

Summer House and Hands on Design had great new designs, but I love these that fit on the wonderful long clipboards…  Yep, we got the clipboards too!

Mani di Donna designed this fun design to go in a Lone Elm Lane sewing box…   Yep, boxes are on their way too…

Hello From Liz Mathews will also be coming out several wonderful new designs…   How can you resist this Butterfly?

And if you resisted that – Blue Flower also has beauty in several new patterns, but this Bee…..


Beth at Heartstring Samplery is one of my favorite designers, and her Sunday Stitches designs so far have been lovely.   Each month, we get a new hymn in cross stitch.   The one pictured to the left is from February – Be Though My Vision.

The next in the series is to be ‘Old Rugged Cross’ and should be arriving about the 14th or so….and we will have a new linen to go along with it!


We do get multiple new canvases in each week, and boy, they are so good!   It is a bit more ‘special’ as we only receive one of each design usually…   I am working to add all of our canvases to our online shop…slow but sure!

Here are a few highlights of some of our new canvases that speak loudly to me (today) – and yes, they are all up online!

Zecca outdid herself with this new ‘Bee Humble, Strong, Kind, and Mine‘ canvas, and we loved it so much we even got it in 13 mesh and 18 mesh!  Can just imagine the stitching fun that could be had on this piece…sparkly wings of the bees and their fuzzy bodies – and a glorious center flower!

Also – how can we all not want to live in this world of Gayla Elliot?!   Fuzzy slippers, needlepoint, and coffee!  Heaven!   ‘Happy Stitching Jeans‘ is on 18 mesh.

And this floral that just reminds me of trips to Holland and the beautiful Flemish still lives…   “Be Still Life” is on 18 mesh canvas.

And this floral that just reminds me of trips to Holland and the beautiful Flemish still lives…   “Be Still Life” is on 18 mesh canvas.


Whimsical Stitches is simply a wonderful resource!   In addition to two amazing needlepoint stitch books, she also has a beginner download that is the bomb!

Mary’s Whimsical Stich The Essentials is perfect for the wannabe needlepointer or an experienced one, this is a great download!


Well, so much for a short newsletter!  Ha, ha!   And just wait until the next edition when I delve into the wonderful new yarns and patterns, oh my!

As always, huge and loving thanks for your support of our shop.  This year has been something – and we are so blessed to have made it through.

We hope to talk and/or see you soon!