Ubuntu Crochet Along (CAL)

The Ubuntu blanket is a hexagonal blanket available in three sizes

Ubuntu Crochet Along (CAL)

September 13, 2018 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Designer Dedri Uys from Look at What I Made has worked for over two years on this beautiful design. She let herself be inspired by ‘Ubuntu’:

“The word Ubuntu in a Nguni Bantu term meaning “humanity towards others” or “I am because we are”. Through Crochet-alongs, I have found a community that constantly reminds me of the essence of Ubuntu: connection, community, and mutual caring for all. We wanted to honour and celebrate that in this CAL, both in the design and how we choose to engage with each other as we embark on this journey.”

The CAL will start on Wednesday September 12th 2018. Over 12 weeks you will create a gorgeous hexagonal blanket. Every Wednesday, a new part of the pattern will be released, and every Thursday (with only a few exceptions), we will come together at the shop to share and move ahead.

The patterns are officially available in English (US).   Esther from It’s all in a Nutshell will provide excellent video tutorials to accompany you on your Ubuntu journey. Patterns are available through the Scheepjes Facebook groups (International group) or through the Scheepjes Website.   You can learn more about Ubuntu on Ravelry as well.

The Ubuntu blanket is a hexagonal blanket available in three sizes. Each size is made with a different yarn, thus providing you with a bigger or smaller blanket:

  • Small kit. This kit contains Cotton 8. The resulting blanket will measure 120cm (long diagonal) x 104 cm (short diagonal) x 60 cm (sides)
  • Medium kit. This kit contains Stone Washed. The resulting blanket will measure 151 cm (long diagonal) x 131cm (short diagonal) x 75.5cm (sides)
  • Large kit. This kit contains Stone washed XL and River Washed XL. The resulting blanket will measure 192cm (long diagonal) x 167cm (short diagonal) x 96 cm (sides).

We did take preorders for kits – however, we do have a few Large kits available here at the shop (8/26/2018).   If you are interested – please give us a call at 830.995.5539.