Needlepoint – Patriotic Heart

Patriotic Hearts by Pippin - have a great time with stitches in this event

Needlepoint – Patriotic Heart

April 26, 2018 @ 11:00 am – 4:00 pm
The Tinsmith's Wife
405 7th St
Comfort, TX 78013

Our 2018 Needlepoint journey with Terri continues!   This time we are stitching the great Pippin Patriotic Hearts.

The focus of the class is on different fibers and different stitches along with light beading.  Terri has written a tremendous stitch guide that will walk us through all the pieces – and will be with us to get us over the anxiety of stitching.

Patriotic Hearts is stitched on 13M to make it easier to see – so if you are a newbie to stitching this is a great learning class for you.

The class is a two-day event (Thursday and Friday 4/26-27).   Make plans to take a few days off of work – and come on up to Comfort!   Please call to reserve your spot – and allow us to get your kit together for the class.   Pricing TBD.